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Fun Stuff

Waiting for the next reunion? In the interim take time to laugh, cry and just plain enjoy being a member of the Class of 73. Here's what we've put together for our classmates:

Last Will and Testament

Woodlawn Calumet

40 Years - Then and Now - Some of our Classmates' side-by-side photos

Our Music - Through the magic of YouTube take a trip down memory lane with us. Check it out.

    Top 40 Playlist - Some Hit songs from 1972 and 1973   New

    Complete listing of top songs from 1972

    Complete listing of top songs from 1973

School Photos - We have photos ranging from first to sixth grade, as well as a Johnnycake Jr. Yearbook and the list grows everyday.

Happy Hours - Photos from the classmates' gatherings at Kelsey's, JT Ashley's and...

In Retrospect - A whimsical look at the difference between 1973 & 2003. The difference between 18 and 48.

Favorite Quotes - Your fellow classmates have begun listing their favorite quotes, sayings, etc. Do we have yours?

What's Happening - Celebrations, news, requests and business. See what your classmates are up to these days. Post your own news or request.

Woodlawn Memories - Reminisce about those funny, special or embarrassing moments. Read what other alumni remember about school and make sure we have your favorite memories too!

Flashback to 1973 - Who/What was hot, who was in power, what were we listening to...the answers to these questions and more can be found on this page.

Beating the Odds - According to today's regulators and bureaucrats, those of us who were kids in the 40's, 50's, 60's or maybe even in the early seventies probably should not have survived. Check it out.

Class of 73 Crossword Puzzle - It's here. Fellow alumni Nancy Taubenslag has commissioned Washington Post Magazine crossword editor, Fred Piscop, to create a puzzle especially for the Class of '73.

Our Graduation - Monday June 4th & Tuesday June 5th 1973, was when the Class of '73 finally bid farewell to WSHS. Check out the Commencement program guide.

A Strange Lady is living in my house. Funny stuff for the women, and possibly men, of our class as we enter our "golden" years.

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