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Last Updated April 26, 2024

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First Name Last Name State E-mail Facebook page
  Then Now    
Rick LaFata   MD
Jan Landsman   MD
Mark Lange   MD
Pam Lease Fuentes MS
Mike Lewis   MD Facebook page
Forrest Litvin Litvin-Hall MD
Thelma Lovelace Novak MD
Linda Lowman Smith PA
Mark MacDougall   MD
Jan Mac Menamie Whetzel MD
Arlene Maier Sipes MD
Tom Marks   MD
Chris Marriott   IL
Joe Matthews
Jim McCormick
Wayne McCullough   MD
Rodney McElroy   MD
Rose McLean Cline MD
Charrise McNutt Fisher SC
Jim Meadows   VA
Sharon Metcalfe   VA
David Meyers   MD
Diana Miles Gately MD
Meredith Miller Chacon MD
Dean Mondell   NV
Mary Moore Smith MD
Betty Mott Norman MD
Ann Mount McKewin FL
Brad Murray   MD
Doreen Musella Duty VA
Laura Neeb Elliott-Quinteiro NC
Ellen Neelands
David Niehaus MD
Sue Nusbaum Pika OR
Sue O'Beirne Topper MD Facebook page
Deborah Oberfeld LaScuola MD Facebook page
Richard Obriecht   MD
Karen Onion Fox PA
Jayne Owens   MD
Cheryl Pagel   MD
Martha Parker Green MD
Jean Payson Kelly MD
Debbie Pearce Miller MD
Karen Plum Wilbur MD
Debbie Pon Roberts CA Facebook page
Walter Lee Reich   MD
Debby Reincke Stafford MD
Elisa Restivo Gladmon MD
Vicki Rhoten Nichols DE
Barbara Rice   MD
Brian Rickle   MD
Barbara Riehl   MD
Howard (Tom) Riley   MD
Kelley Ripley   CA
Susan Robinson Reinstein MD
Debbie Rogers Nizer MD
Steven Rose   MD
Bob Royer   MD
Susan Rudnik Webber MD
Ingrid Scholten   Australia
Don Schwartz   MD
Larry Schwartz   MD
Paula Selis   WA
Mark Shafer   MD
Douglas Shaffer   NV
Leslie Sheppard   MD
Patti Silver DeMarco MD
Marc Singer   MD
Michael Slavin   FL
Gordon Smith   DE
Sharon Smith   MD
Stuart Smith   MD
Tom Smyth   GA
Linda Solash Reed FL
MaryAnne Soucy Wildasin FL
Bill Sparklin   NH Facebook page
Kim Sprinkel Crispino MD
Craig Stanger   NJ
Richard Starsoneck   MD
Richard Stein   CA
William Streebig   MD
Tina Struppa Pavlov MS
George Sweet   SC
Lynn Anne Szewczyk Sukeena
Nancy Taubenslag   NY
Harry Taylor NJ
Janet Taylor Kaplan FL
Eileen Tepper Smyth MD
Wendy Thayer Garver PA
Marilyn Thomas Manger MD
Richard Thomas   MD Facebook page
Lynne Tillman Chaput MD Facebook page
BJ Townsend Lynch NC Facebook page
Stephanie Tracey Martucci DE
Susanna Twigg   MD Facebook page
Diana Valliant Frizzell MD
Sam Veit MD
Debra Vickrey Hoover MD
Lisa Vogel Burbank NC
Vicki Vogel Collett MD Facebook page
Kathy Votta Parr MD
David Walsh   MD
Teresa (Terri) Walton Spurrier MD
Barbara Warren Shaw MD
Teresa Weedon   MD
Lori Weitzel Perkins NC
Ralph Wescott   WA
Robin Whetzel Wright FL
Allison White Battaglia MD
Stephen Whitlock   VA
Gregory (Keith) Wilhelm   MD
Cindy Williams Hample NJ Facebook page
Lee Williams   MD
Jeffrey Wingenroth   FL
Les Winters FL
Bill Witty   MD
Debra Wockenfuss Anderson MD
Loretta Wolf Foster MD
Karen Wool Winger MD
Lou Wyman   MD
Bonnie Yanks Raindrop PA
Stacie Zades Aspiote NC
Phil Zanti   NC
Tim Zinnert   MD Facebook page


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