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In memory of alumni who are no longer with us...

Al Wood

Albert Tomago

Andrew Abel

Arnold Abramson

Barbara Fairbank

Betsy Brown

Bill Himmelheber

Bill Hunt

Bill Smith

Bill Leslie

Carole Potts

Charles Archambault

Chuck Quick

Chuck Schamburg

Chuck Smith

Connie Shanholtz

Dan Euler

Danny Muffoletto

Denise Hodges

Don Grace

Donna Martin

Doug Dalrymple

Doug Wheatley

Ellie Merriman

Gail Biedenkapp

Gene-Marie McGehee

Gary Wolf

Gregory Johnson

Irene Ward

Jack Cole

Jackie Rose

Jane Donnelly

JoAnn Ryan

John Gray

Leonard Trott

Linda Ray

Mark Abell

Marlene Parsons

Mary Travers

Michael Chesner

Michael Miller

Mike Rambo

Nancy Sprinkle

Nancy Hidey

Patty Holmes

Paul Behrens

Paulette Tomago

Ralph Hood

Ray Beach

Robert Baker

Robert Tabor

Rodger Whetzel

Ron Schinault

Steve Geiger

Sean Gallagher

Victor Weinberg

Wayne Bazemore

Wayne Gurecki

...gone, but not forgotten.

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