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Class of 73 30th Reunion Weekend

...And what a reunion it was!!!

Isabel tried...but with a class weaned on Agnes and inspired by the strength and courage of our own Nancy Sprinkle Durham...Isabel just couldn't keep us down. Despite the closings of the golf course and State park, despite Nancy and Ron having to drive up from Florida right through the heart of the storm's fury; They made it...and so did we! Was it worth it? You better believe it was. Did we have a good time? You better believe we did! As one of the committee members said, "I had such a great time this weekend...what a terrific success. I'm just glowing today with thoughts of all the people that came, and what a great time we had. I'm so happy it turned out so well, with all the obstacles thrown our way."

The final count was 216 for the reunion itself, dozens scattered throughout the Holiday Inn afterwards and a couple of dozen more on Sunday for the picnic.

Our 30th Reunion - A Recap

Our 30th Reunion was held, as planned, on Saturday night from 7PM until Midnight? We use a question mark after midnight because very few of us were willing to call it a night at the stroke of midnight.

The attire was "Dressy Casual" and as the evening proved beyond any doubt; no one knows what the heck that means. There is a growing suspicion that our dear Dr. Dan Muffoletto is involved somehow. Danny it's time to come clean, fess up brother. You invented Dressy Casual didn't you?

The reunion began on time but it wasn't until almost 8pm before everyone was registered. The crowd was that big! The evening included music played at a delightfully low volume enhancing the ability to hold a conversation. Some classmates hit the dance floor while others reminisced and renewed friendships. The food and drink were excellent although many didn't take the time to eat. They preferred to spend time with their friends. Speaking of which, anyone ever remember being in a room with so many good looking people? And we're not just talking about physical beauty here. The hugs, the kisses, the smiles and laughter continued unabated throughout the evening - proclaiming the genuine, heartfelt affection we have for one another. It really was an amazing thing to see.

To many, it seemed like the evening had "only just begun" when the clock told us it was time to go. We celebrated our lives together, apart, and now together again. And, we weren't ready to call it a night, not by a long shot. We worked too hard, traveled too far, and overcame too many obstacles to let go so soon. The hospitality room was a great idea as it turns out, because the party migrated to it, as well as to many of the alumni's own rooms at the Hotel. We heard times ranging from 3 am to 5 am as to when people finally called it a night. We simply didn't want to let go!

Highlights of the evening were:

  • The presentation of the scarf tree to Nancy
  • The awards to the winners of the various contests
  • The passing of the Boones Farm bottles for safekeeping until the 35th
  • The Westview Dogs' presentation of food (Alpo), clothing (T-shirt) and a photo of his new home (dog house) to Rick Griffith. Move over Rick, that's a dog house we all want to be in!

The Golf Outing

Unfortunately, Isabel had her way. The Woodlands course was closed due to the damage done by the storm. Some of the Alumni, spearheaded by our own indomitable Camille Goldberg, are attempting to get a make up round going, on the 18th of October. Email Camille if you're interested.

An Afternoon in the Park at CCC

On Sunday, the 21st, we all made due over at the CCC campus under slightly overcast skies. We now know, from email, that many who planned on attending the picnic on Sunday failed to do so because they couldn't make it out of bed. Or, they went home to change with every intention of attending, but made the mistake of laying down - for just a couple of minutes mind you. Been there; done that. Guess we have to face it; we aren't 18 anymore.

The picnic was a more intimate gathering than the reunion but enjoyable none the less. Mike Lewis fired up the grill, while others came with selections from the Colonel's or Subway. Conversations continued from the previous evening and new ones started. The last to leave were a handful of committee members and there was a certain amount of sadness as we hugged goodbye knowing the labor of love we'd shared for the past year and a half had come to an end. Until next time.

For those that are interested. The 30th Reunion Committee stuff has now been moved into the archives.


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