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Who's Going to the 50th Reunion

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(Listed by last name when in school)
(Mary) Jackie (Allocca) Miller
Barbara Barry
Horace Bearzi
Earol Bert
Nancy (Bley) Martin
Lenny Booker
Jay Bronstein
Tom Chaney
Sharon Connor
Roy Danz
Tony DeSanctis
Susan (DiSalvatore) and Gavin Sweeney
Ruthie Dolle
Joel Dupree
Roseanna (Eder) Bewley
Suzanne Edwards
Carol Engelmann
Fred Fridinger
Sue Futeral
Michael Gallagher + guest
Doug Goldsmith
Stacy (Greene) Black + husband
Jay and Robin Gribbin
Rick Griffith
Ellen (Gurfolino) and Robert Friesen
Vicki Hall
Rick Henry
Karla (Hess) and Kevin Cook
Karen (Hibbs) Covino
Lynn (Jacobi) and Ken Brown
Cecilia (Jasek) and Richard Roe
Bobby Kelland
Richard Keller and wife
Rob Koehler
Bruce and Carol Kopp
Susan (Krute) Foreman
Valerie (Kuzniar) Barnhardt
Mark Lange
Michael Lewis
Mark MacDougall
Arlene (Maier) Sipes
Rose (McLean) Cline
Jimmy and Teresa Meadows
Meredith and Chacon Miller
Laura (Neeb) Elliott-Quinteiro
Ellen Neelands
Susan (O'Beirne) and Bill Topper
Deb (Oberfeld) and Jim LaScuola
Walter Lee Reich
Ian Reid
Elisa (Restivo) and Bob Gladmon
Vicki (Rhoten) Nichols
Barbara Rice
Brian Rickle
Sue (Rudnik) Webber
Donald and Janice Schwartz
Paula Selis
Mark Shafer
Randall Snyder + guest
Bill Sparklin
Nancy Taubenslag
Eileen (Tepper) and Bill Smyth
Lynne (Tillman) Chaput
BJ (Townsend) Lynch
Susie Twigg and Billy Russell
Samuel Veit
David Walsh
Loretta (Wolf) and Barrett Foster
Tim Zinnert

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