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Class of '73 - 35th Reunion

Sheraton BWI
What a Night...

There weren't any hurricanes trying to thwart our celebration this time, just the loss of our venue two weeks before we were set to gather. But once again a man made obstacle had no more success in keeping us apart than the forces of nature did five years ago. The gathering was  smaller this time with between 115 and 120 in attendance but just as enjoyable for everyone who attended. It was especially sweet for those of us who attended the 30th because there were so many new faces at the 35th. Because of the smaller number of people in attendance, classmates were able to spend more time with each other, both renewing old friendships and starting some new ones. But even with more time to spend with each other; at the official end of the reunion we simply moved the party to the seating area adjacent to the banquet room and continued the party. Thanks for the beer Jerry.

Highlights of the evening were the drawing for the 5 day, 4 night stay at a Bethany beach condo (won by Lynne Tillman) and the cutting of the unbelievable cake baked for the class by our own Chuck and Donna Quick. Thank you Chuck and Donna.

Speaking of thanks, no one is more deserving of our gratitude than Camille. Not only did she work tirelessly on the committee to make the reunion happen but generously donated the aforementioned condo stay as the door prize. Someone tell Neil that if he's still searching for a "heart of gold", the class of '73 knows where he can find it.

Feel free to drop Camille and/or Chuck an email thanking them for their generosity and love for the class at camille@woodlawn73.info and/or mashpotatos@comcast.net respectively.

We'll be posting photos of the reunion as well as comments from the attendees as they arrive. You can email your photos and comments to webmaster@woodlawn73.info. Some are already up , you can view them here.


Your Committee Contacts For The 35th Were:


Doug Goldsmith GoldsmithD@aol.com
Sue (Rudnick) Webber Suew56@yahoo.com
Camille (Goldberg) McIntosh palmtrees4me@verizon.net
John Cadigan jp5005@comcast.net


BJ (Townsend) Lynch bjl316@yahoo.com


Rick Henry n727rh@gmail.com
Mark Lange admin@woodlawn73.info



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